Befilo Community Guidelines

The Befilo Community Guidelines should be guiding you throughout your use of Befilo network. Remember that as a member, your use of Befilo network is also subject to Befilo's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Be Nice

Befilo is a global community embracing many different types of people with origins, beliefs, views and thoughts different than yours. So in order to co-exist peacefully in this digital mega neighbourhood, you should act peacefully and be polite and respectful towards other members. Use an ethical and aestetic language. And always feel that you also have a responsability to keep the neighbourhood clean, tidy and sustainable.

Be Responsable and Fair

Be responsable and fair with what you share, write or comment on. Moderate your shares, posts and comments. Don't share, write or comment anything that is harmful to others. Don't upload any material (photos, videos, sounds, articles etc.) that is not yours or which you are not allowed to use. Respect the copyright of others.

Be Decent

Don't use nudity in your profile and cover photos. We believe that sexuality is strictly personal and privy. So don't share adult or sexualized content belonging to other individuals. Most importantly, don't post or share pornographic content in any form.

Be Pacifist

Don't share violent content in any form. Don't encourage violence in your posts. Don't use violent profile and profile cover pictures. Don't encourage criminal acts and behavior in any form. Be peaceful and keep the network peaceful.

Be Sensitive About Children

Children belong to all society and we all have a responsibility towards them. So please be very sensitive about children. Make sure that your network activity does not harm the innocence of the children. And please help us to detect any abusive activity against the children by reporting us such activity.

Be Lawful

Remember that the internet is not a media out of the law. On the contrary, it is strictly subjected to all national and international laws. Don't share, write or comment anything that is illegal or prohibited.

Be Understanding

Like any social network, Befilo too is a global community embracing many different types of people with origins, beliefs, views and thoughts different than yours. So for a peaceful co-existence, tolerate ethnic, religious and political differences. Keep away from the hate speech.

Be Respectful to Limits

Don't harass, abuse, spam, impersonate, or intimidate other members. Don't be annoying in any way or form. Don't resort to deceptive methods to gain attention. Don't disturb anyone in any way. Be balanced and respectful in your dealings with all other members of the network.


These guidelines have been penned to make sure everyone on the network feels secure and comfartable. If you find them too restrictive, you certainly have the right not to be part of this community. But if you decide to join, you are stricly expected to abide by these guidelines. If we find out that you are violating these guidelines, your account will be deleted without warning. Please also help us to keep the network clean and safe by reporting us any network activity which you think is violating these guidelines.

And lastly, have a good time on Befilo! Be original and creative, the world is watching you. Also, write us for any questions, comments, suggestions or criticism you may have. Write us at: