Santa Terezinha de Goiás, known worldwide for the great production of emeralds between the years of 1980 and 1990, is the city where I was born in 1986 and where I returned to live in 2018. Today the practice of the garimpo is in the municipality of Campos Verdes that was emancipated. In other three nearby cities there are gold mining mines. The city lives on commerce and agriculture, with emphasis on the culture of dairy and beef cattle.
Befilo Moderator: What is the population?
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Hi, @Befilo! The population is an average of 10 thousand inhabitants. Who was born here, like me, is called "terezinhense".
Befilo Moderator: Oh it is a small sweet town. I searched it in google and saw some photos. Very beautiful town, very green. Nice sweet houses. I think an ideal place to live in. The only concern could be about social life. Because such small towns sometimes can be a bit boring.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: It is really a very peaceful place to live. And what makes the ideal place is the friendships and, in my case, relatives who live nearby. For those who like the nightlife there are parties and some bars. What many may find boring in living in this small town is that almost everyone knows the other's life. Many friends of my childhood were living in overseas countries looking for other life experiences and job opportunities. But those who still have relatives here always return to celebrate at private parties.
Befilo Moderator: Living with your relatives and childhood friends is a very big luxury in post-modern world! I think your town is a good combination of the old and the new. Have a happy time with those nice people in that beautiful corner of the world
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Thank you @Befilo! I am taking advantage of this period because next semester I intend to do an exchange to listen to English speakers.
Antje Becker: You live in very nice place.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Thank you, @Antje! It's a place where I learned to be happy and content myself with simple things.
Antje Becker: Being happy with simple things is a great virtue my friend!!!