Natural Remedies 4/8

Physical exercise! This releases, in the brain, substances that provide the sensation of peace and tranquility. They are endorphins, neuromediators linked to the genesis of well-being and pleasure. Because it is a potent release of endorphin, physical exercise creates good dependence when practiced regularly.

> Practical tips:

* Learn more about physical exercise and research topics related to your particular interest;
* Make a physical activity plan, but always consult a physician before starting. Take into account issues such as frequency, intensity, rhythm and type of physical activity.
* Evaluate your performance;
* Start at once, move and keep that program.

Any physical activity in which there is energy expenditure and metabolism increase, be it occupational (climbing stairs, carrying a package, shopping, washing the car, sweeping the house), or being formal (pedaling, swimming, dancing, walking, running) , is taken into account for the person's daily caloric expenditure.