Natural Remedies 5/8

Healthy eating! Involves two aspects: avoiding foods that harm the body and use in moderation the foods that are beneficial, highlighting the vegetarian diet rich in fiber and nutrients found in whole foods.

> Practical tips:
* Eat three meals a day at regular times, with a minimum of 5 hours between each meal;
* Learn to relax before meals and avoid eating with anxiety;
* Eat slowly, chewing very well and savoring the food;
* Avoid drinking liquids during meals. Respect the interval of 30 minutes before or 2 hours after, to avoid the distension of the stomach and the dilution of the digestive enzymes;
* Replace the fried foods with baked and cooked foods;
* Choose natural and whole foods, avoiding the refined and processed.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: The native fruits I like the most - in this order: 1- Mangabas; 2- Pitombas; 3- Jabuticabas; 4- Cajus; 5- Seriguelas; 6- Muricis; 7- Ingás; 8- Mamacadelas; 9- Puçás; 10- Cupuaçu; 11- Marmeladas; 11- Buritis; 12- Cajazinhos (Taperebás); 13- Jatobá; 14- Pequi; 15- Barus; 16- Cagaitas; e 17- Araticum.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Share with me what fruits are found in the region where you (friends Befilo) live that you most appreciate!
Pieter Jansegers: Apples, pears, strawberries and cherries from Belgium (Europe) are quite delicious.
Thể Thao Yes: Hi guys , i from Vietnam and i want to made friends with you ^.^
eleni papadopoulou: Jezylany, I try to have healthy food. But it is not always possible to find.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: I understand, my friend @eleni. In some places it is a big challenge to find healthy foods. It is a privilege for me to live in a place where I can even grow my food.