Natural Remedies 6/8

Water! Is vital for humans and is essential for transporting oxygen and minerals, as well as being present in bones, joints, blood plasma, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, urine and skin.

> Practical tips:
* Pure water is the best liquid for our body. Most beverages contain sugar, which can slow down digestion, contribute to weight gain, cause sugar levels to fluctuate and require more water for metabolism. The type drinks "Cola" or carbonated substances contain substances that can seriously impair the calcium absorption of the body by weakening the bones. Virtually all soft drinks contain artificial additives that can irritate the stomach or overload the kidneys and liver.
* Take regular baths that help clean dust and other unhealthy skin products. Cold water can help reduce fever and hot water can heat a body that shakes from cold. A warm bath often also helps in rest.