The boy protests the government. The mother comes along and and asks him:
"Son, put this sweater on, otherwise you will get cold!"
Mothers are mothers always and everywhere. My respect and love to all the mothers of the world.
Happy mothers day! Χρόνια Πολλά, Μανούλα!
Андрей Пальчиков: Почему не отправляются личные сообщения в Befilo??? Ответь пожалуйста уважаемая Администрация???
Feliz dia de las madres!
Happy mother's day!
One of the emerging problems of our times is Over-Tourism. All over the world, the tourism sector has turned best places to a crowded train station. Obviously the world can net sustain this tourism craze. We all have to calm down and stop going to every lovely place we see on the social media.
eleni papadopoulou: Yeah, overtourism starts to become a bit problematic in Greece too...
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Happy birthday @Befilo! A hug from Brazil...
To All Befilo Members,

We are proud to announce that the number of our members has now turned 10,000 in total. Our 10k members come from 201 different countries, approx half are male and half are female, speak all the world languages, belong to all social segments and perform a wide variety of jobs and works. In a sense, Befilo is like a colorfull flower field. We would like to thank all of you for being here and helping us to create this unique social network. And please don't forget, we have 10k members and you have 10k friends! We are looking forward to see more interaction among our members! Thanks again!
Befilo Team
学ぶ 佐藤: Thank you for the hard work and let's go to the 20.000!
We send our very best wishes to all our members in the every corner of our world. Thank you for knocking our door. Let's hold tight and move forward together
Isabel De Silva: Bravo Befilo! When I first joined a few months ago, there were only 600 members, now you are approaching 10k. Keep up the good work!
Mizanur R. Mizan: All the best.Increase facilities.
Hello new and old users!
Befilo now has more than 7250 users, and the number increases every minute. All users are already connected. So you don't need to send any friend request. Because you are already friend with everybody.

Now just focus on posting good, interesting and useful things. Keep in mind that you are followed by 7249 friends here!

Enjoy your time on Befilo
Antje Becker: You know @befilo I was one of the first members! It's nice to see the number of members increasing fast...
A happy and healthy new year to all Befilo members. 2017 was the year we came together, let 2018 be the year we grow together. All the best wishes for 2018.
Number of Befilo members has just exceeded 5000. A small step for social media industry, but a giant leap for Befilo
Caroline Manton: Wow, very good news! Congratulations @Befilo Moderator ! Keep up the good work, next target is 10,000!!!!
Befilo сейчас на русском, наслаждайся!!!
Antje Becker: Hey Befilo! I see many new languages on the network now. When will you have the german?
Befilo Moderator: Very soon Antje!
Befilo ahora está en español, ¡disfrútalo!