helloooo my old and new friends at @Befilo !!! I haven't been here for so many months and when I came back I saw so many new friends! it's wonderful! Nice to meet you all and greetings from osaka/japan!!!
may is the month of festivals in japan and if you are around you will see many such pictures! talk to you laterrrrrr! and I will be back more often! byeeeeee!!!
Befilo Moderator: Hello @Miyuki ! It has been ages that we haven't seen you! Hope everything is fine and that you are doing well...
william wagana: Hi Miyuki, nice to connect with here, please visit my website for information about African safaris and Mount Kilimanjaro trekking.
Hello everybody! Greetings from Japan
Befilo Moderator: Hi Miyuki! It's great to see you after a long time. I hope everything is fine with you.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Hello my new friend @Miyuki Sakae! Greetings from Brazil...
Examples of lives beyond modernity...
A child from the indigenous community in Nenets Autonomous District, Russia.
Young Great: Hello
Fauzi Noer: Hai
I guess the photo summerizes how tradition and modernity are interwined in our country. People can be both traditional and modern in Japan. But this has its dark sides as well; the clash between the modern and the traditional is very very harsh. Sometimes you can be called a traitor just because of your clothes...
This is the latest of Japenese technological products New gigantic pants-style two-person sleeping bags keep you close to your loved one
Iranian women have proven to be very brave against a very cruel and repressive regime. I personally admire them and with all my heart I wish they get the freedom which they deserve so much...
Caroline Manton: Yes I admire them too...
Colorful autumn leaves at the Hibiya Park in Tokyo.
This is the Aogashima Island near Tokyo, Japan. It's famous for having a volcano inside a volcano surrounded by dense jungle. Nobody believes there could be such a paradise in Tokyo area
Alfredo Valontano: Che bello! How beautiful!!
Caroline Manton: Seems lovely!!! Is it allowed to visit?
michael joel: wow.....very interesting
We the Japanase are probably the only nation which has such strict rules about bowing the head
janeb: probably
iamroyaal: Lol no...ask nigerians lmaoo