Would you believe that there is now traffic jam on Mount Everest? Unfortunately, we human beings have done this too! Photo was taken on 22 May 2019. Now so big crowds of climbers populate the summit that tehere is very little room to stand at the summit. And this craziness took two victims a few days ago. Two climbers have died as a result of the traffic jam. Contesting with nature is absurd but understandable; but doing it in such crowded numbers is pure madness!!!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Really, it's pure madness: to risk being a next victim!
eleni papadopoulou: I agree: it is crazy!
Андрей Пальчиков: Привет всем! Рад познакомиться с Вами!. Приношу свои извинения за беспокойство. Возможно для Вас мое предложение будет нужным, Предлагаю зарегистрироваться в интернет - магазин объединенной компании Faberlic, Это известный бренд, большой выбор (одежда, посуда, уход, здоровье, товары для мужчин, для женщин, для детей и многое другое), хорошее качество, низкие цены, подарок за регистрацию. Компания проводит каждые три недели акции и распродажи - скидки до 80%. За каждую покупку начисляются накопительные бонусы, на которые можно взять, то что понравилось бесплатно., Попробуйте, это Вас ни к чему не обязывает, но я уверен, что Вам будет выгодно и продукция понравится.. Вас заинтересовало мое предложение?,
One-third of all food worldwide ends up in the garbage, with industrialized countries contributing the most. A new foodsharing platform wants to help tackle the impact this has on our climate.
You can read more and get involved at this link:
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: It would be great for people to learn to have more sense of economics and avoid waste. The news of food being wasted only makes me think of those populations that live in misery. I would like those who have a lot to know the pleasure of helping those who have almost nothing ...
This picture shows the harsh in equality between the rich and poor. There is no point in further economic development as longer as there is such obvious inequality all over the world. My deepest respect and love to the struggling mothers of the poor world countries!

PS: Photo is from South Africa. You can read more about it at cnn:
This is a sad comparison of our civilization... We started from the green forests and ended up in modern cement-iron prisons. The other animals who share the planet with us have not developed such civilization. Now the question is this: Who is clever, we or they?
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: My dream to return to the "Garden of Eden"!
Antje Becker: I am abit hopeless... But it would be wonderful if we could
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: My only hope is the fulfillment of the Bible promises! Especially those recorded in Revelations chapters 21 and 22. Have you read it, my friend @Antje Becker?
One of the emerging problems of our times is Over-Tourism. All over the world, the tourism sector has turned best places to a crowded train station. Obviously the world can net sustain this tourism craze. We all have to calm down and stop going to every lovely place we see on the social media.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Traveling is very good, my friend! A good solution to avoid crowded places is to travel on normal days rather than holidays. It would also be very good if companies were more flexible with staff time off. What do you think? (Viajar é muito bom, minha amiga! Uma boa solução para evitar lugares lotados é viajar em dias normais em vez de feriados. Também seria muito bom se as empresas fossem mais flexíveis com o tempo de folga da equipe. O que você acha?)
Befilo Moderator: Travelling is good for the travellers. But how about the residents of the travel destinations? There have been lots of news about some small towns in Greece, Italy and Spain where the travellers have almost completely destroyed the environment and spoilt the local culture. This tourist pollusion is to such an extent that local people can not celebrate their local festivals in their towns and villages. Perhaps Antje is right in pointing out to the dangers of overtourism. And your solutions are also meaningful as the first steps to be taken.
Normally, I don't like any of the political leaders. But Jacinda Ardern, the New Zealand pm, has so far performed really great and ethical skills in handling the attack on mosques in her country. Well done Jacinda! Teach other heads of states in the world how the real leadership should be!!!
What is happening in France? Are there any friends on Befilo from France to tell us about the #YellowVests protests? It is a pity so see that 4 people have died so far and that the police reaction is getting very violent.
What are the moral decisions that driverless cars should make when an accident is inevitable? And who decides on those programmed answers? A new study opened that question to the public and found some surprising results.

You can join the discussion at Moral Machine:
This is a very problematic issue. Really I kept suspecting the quality of scientific papers in last a few years more than ever. It now seems, however, that I was too naive to suspect, because the scientific quality challenged much earlier than we thought. Imagine, people pay others to write scientific papers for them; at some cases, even the doctorate thesis are paid to be written! The below article on Deutsche Welle is full of shocking news and findings. The science stinks!
eleni papadopoulou: Totally agree with you my Angie! the only good part is that now the scientists (the notorious ones) can not hide their schemes as easy as before.
Miyuki Sakae: you're absolutely right Antje!
Miles Williams: wonderful what a world ?
Hello my Befilo friends!
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Hey, October is coming! Relax a bit! Forget about making money for a short while. Get out, go countryside, take long walks! Then come back and tell us how it was...

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学ぶ 佐藤: Finally we meet again. I returned to a totally spammed Befilo. What a loss of space.
eleni papadopoulou: hello old friends!!! Yes @BefiloModerator you have to do something to stop these annoying spams! I login all the time and only find spams. honestly speaking, I didn't feel like to post anything, till I saw old friends today. get befilo back on the old track!!!!
学ぶ 佐藤: We want our befilo back yes. It's great to see familiar faces.
Antje Becker: Heyyy!!!! nice to see you all!!! I was around most of the time but did not bother to appear among the spammers. Finally ı got nerveous and posted the above post. yes @befilomoderator I totally agree with Eleni and Mana, get us rid of these spammers and keep the space clean and nice, as it was when we first registered. After all, we are first members of Befilo, we should have some rights to decision-making