Dlike about crypto networks. Review 12

It seems to me, dear readers, that very soon a new positive wave will begin in the crypto world. At least, I begin to notice some signs that the situation is improving and I will definitely share my observations in the following publications. In addition, I accepted the offer from the blockchain-state Decenturion and became the press secretary for working with the English-language media. In this regard, tomorrow I will make a very interesting and profitable offer to all my readers, who are "infuencers" in the crypto world and have their own English-language platforms (blogs, groups, etc.). But all this will be tomorrow, and today we have another Dlike review on the topic of "social networks".

To begin, perhaps, with the publication of the user inferisgr, which is called "Facebook Seeks Blockchain Talent for Five New Company Roles". You may ask: "What does Facebook have to do with it?" Then I will quote you an article and you will learn the following: "...Facebook has listed five new blockchain-related jobs on its careers page within the past three weeks, two of which were first listed Dec. 5 and 6.

The positions currently open for applicants are two software engineer roles, a data scientist post and a data engineer — all full-time roles at the company’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California..." What would you say in that case?

The second publication in today's review was made by the user shula14 and it is called "The FOMO Is Real". That's what it is about: "...Fear of missing out, or FOMO, is another mental health effect that’s been strongly linked with the use of social media...

...Games like “Pokémon Go” changed the social atmosphere of what it means to play a video game. Apps like Strava have created a social network where users can share their fitness goals and routines. And LinkedIn has gone from a job-hunting platform to a full-on social network for the career-minded..." And you, dear readers, have you heard anything about this phenomenon called FOMO?

And another publication in our today's review. This information was shared by Steemit user simplymike, and it is called "Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Didn't Know About (+ Free Download)"

I will not tell all the content of the article, but let you read a short quote. Here's what we can learn from this publication: "...On my search for new tips and tricks, I came across Hootsuite's article 'Instagram Hacks: 58 Tricks and Features You Probably Didn’t Know About' and thought it was worth to share, since it revealed a couple of things I was struggling with. Like adding line breaks to captions, for example.

They also offer you a free-to-download checklist that will help you to grow your followers base... "

It all sounds tempting and I hope that all the information that I shared with you today will be useful.

Boris Siomin,
joy abdul: My dear . I have something to tell you please contact me my thanks i wait for your reply
joy abdul: My dear . I have something to tell you please contact me my thanks i wait for your reply
Dlike about crypto networks. Review 11

We continue to follow the most interesting events in the crypto social networks with the help of the Dlike project. Dlike is the application of Steemit, which next year will become a completely independent social network. As you already know, this is also a very convenient service for saving materials that you liked the most.

I do reviews of all those posts and articles that concern crypto social networks. The first such article is called “How I, thanks to Steemit, made money and bought Samsung Galaxy J7 Prime Mobile”.

Its author, user elyas, shares his successful earning experience and writes the following: "... ...Buy mobile at steemit's money Real. This is the first time I've been earning from online and filled my first wish. I am very glad to meet my first wish. So I shared with you. I bought Samsung galaxy J7 Prime handset. The desire was to buy better quality but I did not wait and bought quickly. If waiting for 2-3 days, I could buy a handset better. I could not keep my joy long in time, I shared among you. sort..."

No doubts, it is very pleasant to read such feedbacks. Also interesting information was shared by the user shs1 in the article "Expecting 400% Growth in Dapps on Tron Network Next Month"

This article states the following: "...The 12th largest cryptocurrency Tron is making a lot of headway when it comes to Dapps as it accounts for 20+ with the number of Dapp users increasing as well on its network while expecting 80+ more in next month, as per CEO Justin Sun..."

And another interesting topic for our review raises the user nyuntwin in the article "Quantum Computers Can Pose A Risk To Blockchain Technology". That's what this article says: "...Although blockchain networks are designed to be secure, immutable, and tamper-proof, a new research paper from Cornell University found that blockchain networks are, however, susceptible to attack by a sufficiently large quantum computer. According to an article published by Gizmodo on November 21, 2018, there is a growing concern that... "

Agree that this topic is very interesting and it is likely to be very relevant in the near future. And thanks to the Dlike project, we can pay attention to such articles and materials.

Boris Siomin,
Dlike about crypto networks. Review 10

I can’t even believe that today we already have 10th review of interesting materials that were published in the crypto social network Dlike and which were find by the key requests "network" and "community".

Nevertheless, this is the case, and I begin today's review with an article by a vimukthi user called “Some Ideas from the Web3 Summit 2018 SafeNetwork”. It is always interesting to listen to people who were participants of interesting events.

This is what this Dlike user writes in his report: “...There’s a saying that history never repeats itself — but it does rhyme. And as I return from the inaugural Web3 Summit in Berlin — a gathering of projects and innovators who are all working on driving forwards this new concept of Web3 — it seems more relevant than ever before... "

I can only imagine how many interesting things there were at this meeting, since the article lists only the most basic points. But in the article by user nyuntwin "Why the TRON Community Believes Bakkt Should Consider TRX", not only official materials, but even some official tweets are analyzed.

Here's what the author writes: "...TRON Community Reaches Out to Bakkt. The last statement in the tweet by Bakkt clearly states that they will consider additional contracts as the landscape evolves and as they receive additional customer feedback...

...It is with this tweet that prominent Tron Community member Misha Lederman, took this a sign to write a letter to Bakkt on behalf of the Tron Community explaining why the Wall Street firm should consider TRX... ”

No less interesting events are now going on in Africa, where the Community Network model is gaining momentum. Interesting facts are reported by the user gentmartin in the article "Community Networks Development Support Project - Africa Internet Society" about this.

In particular, he writes the following "......The Internet Society, Africa Regional Bureau, is seeking to support existing Community Networks in Africa with their 2018 development activities...

...Community Networks are usually built and operated by citizens, in their village, city or town, to meet their communication needs. The Community Network model is a complementary solution to connect the unconnected in underserved areas... "

Thus, after reading all mentioned above, the following conclusions can be made: great attention is paid to network security today, TRON continues to show its ambitions, and Africa will soon add a huge number of new users to social networks.

Boris Siomin,
Basic Income crypto networks

Today, no one needs to talk about what an UBI is; everyone knows well about this public financial invention. Experiments with an Universal Basic Income (UBI) are taking place in different countries, but it is not yet known when it will be accepted everywhere.

At the same time, on the Internet, this idea has long been embodied, and already very many websites are associated with this area of ​​social life.

Crypto social networks were no exception, and under my supervision there are already several dozen projects of this type. Most of these crypto social networks are built on the blockchain platform and this is natural. Such advanced technology can ensure the stability and security of such projects.

The only problem is that virtual money, that is, the cryptocurrency, used in these crypto social networks, can not get its real embodiment yet. But that's another story.

Today I will give you a few examples of such projects, that is, I will take their description from the About section, and then provide a complete list of them, which will now always be on this page and in the menu of the site. Now you can follow updates, additions, as well as reviews that I regularly publish on the website.

SwiftDemand - is an attempt at basic income. Each user who is signed up for the service receives 100 swifts each day. No additional swifts can be created with time or resources. No user can gain any other 'advantage' when it comes to acquiring swifts.

MannaBase - Manna is distributed by the People’s Currency Foundation as a basic human right that every person in the world is eligible to receive, for free. Founded in 2015, Manna has achieved milestones in the cryptocurrency movement, as the first blockchain-based currency to be created and distributed by a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and the first digital currency to implement a Universal Basic Income as its primary method of distribution.

Horizon - We are a team of crypto enthusiasts who believe that technology and passion can help turn our world into a better place. We believe that everyone deserves a chance to a better life and through our initiatives we try to work towards this goal.

Boris Siomin,
Dlike about crypto networks. Review 6

This is not such an easy task as you think - to select the most interesting of the most interesting. Nevertheless, this is already the sixth review of the best materials on the topic of "network" in the Dlike crypto social network.

As usual, I choose only three articles and now you will know what they are about.

The first post shared user sanhtun. The title of this post is quite loud: "How to join the biggest cryptos? FuturoCoin explains -" In order for you to understand what is at stake here, I will quote the introduction: "... Nowadays, most of new cryptocurrencies are created in the process of ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which helps their developers to gather money needed for the development. Unfortunately, after more or less successful ICO, the projects get quiet. Despite these facts, there are still pearls in the sea. FuturoCoin is one of them... "

Well, everyone can have his own opinion. For example, I am not at all sure that FuturoCoin is a "pearl", but there are other interesting points in the article, therefore I recommend to get acquainted with it.

In the second post "Bit.Tube — Smoke", the user sellergenius tells about the new crypto social network Bit.Tube on the pages of another network - Smoke. The post is written in Spanish, but you can either use the online translator, or just open the project website and you will understand everything.

I just want to remind you that Bit.Tube is already in the list of Photo and Video crypto networks on the Levelnaut website.

And since we started talking about this project, then it makes sense to you to get acquainted with the article of the user Emin90, who recently became one of the authors of the website. The post is called "Emin Imanov – Crypto Social Networks". This is what the author writes: "...My name is Emin Imanov, I am one of the authors of I work in the construction field of PTW Coordinator, but at the university I studied as a journalist, but I don't work in my specialty. I was inspired by the idea of ​​blogging on this site because I believe in the prospects..."

And on this subject, I also have one comment. As the author of the Levelnaut website, Emin got an excellent promotional page with all necessary referral links and you can see what it looks like if you follow the link in this article. In addition, all the authors of Levelnaut have the opportunity to teach in the new online School of Crypto Blogging (in all languages), which I described in my previous post.

Boris Siomin,
Dlike about crypto networks. Review 5

Today we publish Review 5 of the most interesting news from the category "network". I want to remind you that these news are selected by users of Dlike crypto social network, and only fragments are posted here.

So, what is selected to date? Let's start with Facebook, although this network does not apply to the crypto category, but there are a lot of our potential followers.

The user iyanpol12 citation is an article "Facebook reportedly shopping for a cybersecurity company", which says: "... Facebook wants billions of users to know that he cares about improving security, which has decreased significantly as a result of a recent serious violation, and now it seems that the giant of social networks is ready to spend some money on a major acquisition in the field of cybersecurity ..." What exactly is acquiring Facebook can be found in the article.

Another author, with the login name sanstar, talks about the article "The POA Network launches the USD-Stable Blockchain stabilizer," which says: "... POA Network announced they have released the first ever blockchain that is USD-stable. ai Chain is the result of collaboration between POA Network and MakerDAO. The new blockchain is compatible with Ethereum and will have a Proof-of-Authority consensus model..."

User nyuntwin quotes the article "Sia Network Releases Hard Fork Code to Block Crypto Mining Giants and says that: "...Sia has released the formal code for an imminent hard fork that will block cryptocurrency mining firms like Bitmain from its blockchain network..." Sounds interesting, doesn't it?

Well, and if you want to earn tokens additional Dlike tokens, then do it as a user mers who participates in the Dlike Contest - in the Green Color Competition and publishes a photo of a grasshopper with the following signature: "... This is my entry to Dlike's Green ColorChallenge. A very green colored grasshopper in my garden. Its color is a camouflage and you won't notice it if you do not look closer."

Boris Siomin,
Antje Becker: hello Boris, what is all this talk about crypto networks? I really want to know what it is...
Crypto Creativity of Desarte

If you are a crypto enthusiast, then it will be interesting to you. But who else reads my articles except crypto fans, except people who believe in a crypto, in cryptocurrency and in blockchain?

Today I will tell you about one interesting group of creative people working in the field of art, who promote cryptocurrency. We mainly discuss projects that promote bitcoin or ethereum, but today we will speak about one coin, which was created on the Waves platform.

It seems to me that we in vain forget about the possibilities offered by Waves and today's post is proof of my statement.

It is about the Desarte project and those who speak Spanish can read more about this on the website where everything is described. And for all other readers, I will tell a few words myself, and then I will give a link to the forum, where there is an English version.

So, besides the fact that the members of the Desarte group are engaged in creative work, they also promote the democratization of the economy and even created their own coin, which is called GoldenCloud2 (GCT2) and its own pool of this coin.

If you need more details, it’s best to check them out at, which says the following:

"... In Grupo Desarte ( we propose a model called “Customer / Producer Model”, developed by the founder of Grupo Desarte, based on self-management and the ability of people to build their environment, based on three action plans:

Cooperation and Self-management.
Efficiency and sustainability
Ecological responsibility present and future.
The company that we intend to build from GRUPO DESARTE is the one where the greatest assets are Creativity and Innovation... "

There you can read many more interesting things, but the main idea is that creative people - artists, designers, graphics, photographers, etc. are also trying to make a contribution to the crypto movement. By the way, for those who are planning to invest in cryptocurrency, I would recommend to pay close attention to this group of enthusiasts and their project.

In my opinion, the more such people and such groups are, the faster our crypto dreams will come true. That is why I believe that all of us, who write about cryptocurrency and blockchain should tell about such people.

Boris Siomin,
Antje Becker: Colors are great!
eleni papadopoulou: Each color probably has some deep meaning that we the mortals can not grasp
Crypto Networks. Future

It is very difficult to make predictions and you know this perfectly, dear readers. Nevertheless, I will try to make some, at least on the basis of the fact that I have been dealing with this topic for more than two years already. So let's go.

1. For some time, the number of crypto networks will still grow, but then several dozen players will remain on the market. Perhaps there will be about 100 main and several hundred specialized or niche projects. It is here, and also in some other popular crypto services of the world, fiat (traditional capital) will come gradually. Fiat will continue to lose its position and will continue to transfer to blockchain.

2. Crypto social networks will gradually oust the traditional ones from the market, as it becomes unprofitable to communicate and write in traditional networks. Users will prefer to receive money for their spent time. A large number of 50+ users will come to the crypto network for the same reason.

3. Crypto networks will replace traditional media, while the most famous niche bloggers will supplant specialized media. I will not talk about the growing number of subscribers in blogs about beauty and health. Why go far? For example, I have been writing about crypto social networks for two years now. It is much easier to find information on crypto social networks in my blogs than in any other "official" edition.

4. Crypto networks will continue to form a new nation on our planet. Today, examples of Decenturion, Empowr, Bitnation, Steemit and other projects clearly indicate this. Some communities have their own presidents, ministries and people communicate there, regardless of nationality, religion, political beliefs, etc. Users like this.

5. Large crypto networks continue to expand and they will increase the number of applications and forks. Just look at how Steemit is developing to understand this. And Steemit, as you know, is one of the very first and most successful models, and other crypto networks will follow this model. That means that the system of rewarding users for their activity will be developed everywhere, the curatorship system and the system of boosterization as well, and the quality of content will gradually improve/ that means the coins of crypto networks will grow in their price.

These are just the main predictions that I can make today, but believe me, I still have quite a lot of them. If you're interested, subscribe to my blogs and then you will not miss the next issue of predictions about trends in crypto social networks.

Boris Siomin,
Belacam at my PR laboratory

For more than a year, I have been doing crypto social network reviews every third day, and their number not only does not decrease, but on the contrary, is added every day. On the other hand, thanks to increased competition, more interesting projects appear in this market.

Crypto social network Belacam is the product, which is interesting to talk about and I do it with great pleasure. Today, this project is quite simple to find on the Internet, many users already know its address But recently, it was just the idea of ​​a group of students from the University of Virginia (USA).

I have official information about the history of the project, about people and organizations which helped in its implementation and who today is engaged in its development. But you, dear readers, most likely are not interested in it now. I will be happy to answer all your further questions, since I am in close contact with the administration of this crypto social network. But in this review I will tell only a few points.

So, Belacam is a classic crypto social network in which there are all the necessary elements - a system of communication between users, a system of rewarding users for their activity and a system of curatorship.

The booster system is not as developed here as in the networks of the Steemit category, for example, but I am sure that boosters will appear here soon and in large numbers. The project has its own coin, which is being traded only on the Mercatox exchange, but the administration is now trying to expand the trade market.

In my opinion, one of the main advantages of this project is its simplicity - anyone can participate in it immediately after registration. Everything is absolutely clear here - a picture plus a short comment and tags. By the way, about registration, you can register for this affiliate link and be in my team, but keep in mind that not everyone is allowed to participate in the referral program. Belacam takes development of the project very seriously.

I am sure that you will enjoy this crypto social network and get benefits by communicating here with your friends.

Boris Siomin,
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Dlike about cryptonetworks. Review 3

As usually, I’ll start a review of Dlike news from traditional social networks. Most likely, they will soon cease to exist. At least, Google has already announced the closure of the user version of the social network Google+. At such a move in the corporation have gone because of the scandal with the possible leakage of personal data 500 thousand users.

I do not think that Facebook will continue to exist, if at least it does not switch to blockchain technology.

While traditional social networks exist, we need to take the most from them.

User ekushya posted in category Market the following: "...Tips and strategies to boost your content marketing and grow your business. Set a goal.. Research and understand the audience.. Have a content marketing team.. Report and refine.. Helen Cartwright.. a passionate blogger, who excels in the Digital Marketing and Technology niche..."

I also found an interesting post in a bustillo user who shared an article about a social network of a new type called BrainNet. He quotes the following: "... BrainNet allows collaborative problem-solving using direct brain-to-brain communication... The network, which they call BrainNet, allows a small group to play a collaborative Tetris-like game. “Our results raise the possibility of future brain-to-brain interfaces that enable cooperative problem-solving by humans using a ‘social network’ of connected brains...”

And what's new in the crypto social network Steemit? Here is what iyanpol12 writes about this: "...Of course, with all these innovations, we're about to be dominated by the technology. With those AIs and robots, they might take jobs of humans. With the driverless cars, I share the same sentiment. If human who has a brain is prone to errors, what more for these manmade creations?..."

I think you will also be interested in reading other materials shared by users of the Dlike crypto social network.

Boris Siomin,