hello my #befilo friends, how is everything? here in greece it is so hot!!! thank god we have great sea, so we can cool down with chrystal waters... photo is from assos, kefalonia, greece. greetings from greece to all of you...
Befilo Moderator: Very nice harbour...
Helooooo friendsss!! How are u????
Sarah tylor: i am good how about you
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Helooooo, @eleni! I am fine. The cold dry climate began here in the interior of Brazil. Time to moisturize more skin ... And you?
eleni papadopoulou: Oh Greece is so hot! We go out early in the morning or late in the night... Love and hugsssss!!!
Is that the future awaiting us??? Very teryfying!!! I always share nice pics but this time I wanted to take your attention to a disturbing truth of our everyday life: Digital addiction! It is worse than narcotics!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Digital addiction is already a reality that affects many communities. Unfortunately, this lack of self-control, self-esteem and empathy has increased in this generation.
eleni papadopoulou: We have to be careful my dearest Jeyzy !!!
The boy protests the government. The mother comes along and and asks him:
"Son, put this sweater on, otherwise you will get cold!"
Mothers are mothers always and everywhere. My respect and love to all the mothers of the world.
Happy mothers day! Χρόνια Πολλά, Μανούλα!
Isabel De Silva: Hey Eleni!!! I haven't see you for a long time! Hope everything is fine. Greetings from Argentina!!!
Ζήτω η Εργατική Πρωτομαγιά!
Long Live Workers' 1st May!

Greetings to all my Befilo friends! Happy Labor Day!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Have a happy day, my friend! Here in Brazil is also "Labor Day" holiday! (Tenha um dia feliz, minha amiga! Aqui no Brasil também é feriado do "Dia do Trabalho"! )
学ぶ 佐藤: Happy Birthday my friend! All the best!!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: It's today ... Happy birthday my friend @eleni! Hugs ... Just missing the surprise with the cake!
eleni papadopoulou: THank you very much my dearest friend @jeyzylany !
happy easter to all my #befilo friends !
Befilo Moderator: Hello Eleni, happy easter to you too!
Panga teodor: cool
Boris Siomin: happy Easter!
Loving people, world and life as a whole... If only we could have the innocence of a butterfly
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Love is the best of life ... (O amor é o melhor da vida...)
Panga teodor: nice
Boris Siomin: Hi, Eleni! If you have Telegram, add me there - borishaifa
It is spring time now in my country, Greece. I wish everybody a nice and refreshing spring time
Befilo Moderator: Hello Eleni! Nice to see you back after a while.
overlandsafaris: Beautiful place,
Panga teodor: like
Hello my new and old friends
学ぶ 佐藤: hey there where have you been
Befilo Moderator: Hello Eleni, Τι κανεις;
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Hello, my friend!!