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Elizabeth Marks: Hello My Dear My name is sgt Elizabeth Marks, from the united state of America i am USA Army i am too busy right now in the office i cant chat with you now ,please write to me direct to my email box ( )i will give you every information you need about me
I'm Pieter Jansegers, a Frenchteacher from Flanders, the Dutch (/Flemish) speaking part of Belgium. (en) Je m'appelle Pieter Jansegers et je suis professeur de français en Flandres, la partie néerlandophone de la Belgique. (fr) mi jan Pite Janseke, jan sona pi toki Kansi lon ma Pantelen, ma pi toki Netelan insa ma Pesije. (tp)
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Hi @Pieter Jansegers! My native language is Portuguese. How many languages ​​do you know in all?
Pieter Jansegers: 1 Dutch (language of my dad and my community/region here in Flanders) 2 French (language of my mum and my maternel grandma who was a Française) 3 English 4 Italian (some still active) 5 German (reading and listening, not writing) 6 Latin 7 Toki Pona