Я люблю кемпінг! I love camping! Eu amo acampar!
HAKAN ERKUT: If I find time I love camping too
eleni papadopoulou: helloooo my friend @jeyzylany !!!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Hellooo @eleni! Hugs for you, my friend!
Natural Remedies 8/8

Pure Air!

> Practical tips:
* It is important to keep the entire home and work environment well ventilated, with windows open most of the time;

* Do not sleep in a stuffy room. This tip is especially important for the bedridden patient. If proper ventilation is not made in the patient's room, the patient will take more time to recover;

* Allow ventilation in the room to renew the air throughout the night, even if it is cold and you have to wear a wrap;

* Avoid any product that can provoke the pollution of the ambient air, such as poisons to kill mosquitoes, cigarette smoke, chemical flavorings, incense, etc.

* Make your meal, whenever possible, in a pure air environment, and after that, walk for about 5 to 10 minutes, in the sun and outdoors. After the walk, rest 20 to 30 minutes.
Nhà đất Thanh Trà: tương tác với nhau nhé
Natural Remedies 7/8

Sunlight! In the right dose, sunlight is one of the great allies of the health not only of the mind but also of the body. Research has already revealed the key role in vitamin D production, responsible for the proper functioning of the body. Its main activity is related to the metabolism of calcium, an essential element in the prevention of diseases such as osteoporosis and rickets.

The so-called seasonal depression is caused by long periods without the sun. Regulated by the cycle of light and shade, the functioning of the body can be compromised if there is an imbalance between these two elements. Research published in the scientific journal The Lancet - specializing in oncology, neurology and infectious diseases - revealed that changes in luminosity throughout the year alter the levels of some substances produced by the brain, including serotonin.

> Practical tips:
* Homes must have solar lighting locations. Sometimes it is necessary to remove curtains, open the windows, suspend shutters so that the sun's rays enter the rooms.

* If you do not have sensitive skin and do not take medicines that cause photosensitivity, take at least 15 to 20 minutes of sunshine a day on your arms and legs.
Befilo Moderator: Beautiful place... Is that your town?
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Thank you, Befilo ... This is not my town, but it is in my country (Brazil).
eleni papadopoulou: this is one of your best pics! the place is also nice!!!!
Natural Remedies 6/8

Water! Is vital for humans and is essential for transporting oxygen and minerals, as well as being present in bones, joints, blood plasma, respiratory, digestive and nervous systems, urine and skin.

> Practical tips:
* Pure water is the best liquid for our body. Most beverages contain sugar, which can slow down digestion, contribute to weight gain, cause sugar levels to fluctuate and require more water for metabolism. The type drinks "Cola" or carbonated substances contain substances that can seriously impair the calcium absorption of the body by weakening the bones. Virtually all soft drinks contain artificial additives that can irritate the stomach or overload the kidneys and liver.
* Take regular baths that help clean dust and other unhealthy skin products. Cold water can help reduce fever and hot water can heat a body that shakes from cold. A warm bath often also helps in rest.
Natural Remedies 5/8

Healthy eating! Involves two aspects: avoiding foods that harm the body and use in moderation the foods that are beneficial, highlighting the vegetarian diet rich in fiber and nutrients found in whole foods.

> Practical tips:
* Eat three meals a day at regular times, with a minimum of 5 hours between each meal;
* Learn to relax before meals and avoid eating with anxiety;
* Eat slowly, chewing very well and savoring the food;
* Avoid drinking liquids during meals. Respect the interval of 30 minutes before or 2 hours after, to avoid the distension of the stomach and the dilution of the digestive enzymes;
* Replace the fried foods with baked and cooked foods;
* Choose natural and whole foods, avoiding the refined and processed.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: The native fruits I like the most - in this order: 1- Mangabas; 2- Pitombas; 3- Jabuticabas; 4- Cajus; 5- Seriguelas; 6- Muricis; 7- Ingás; 8- Mamacadelas; 9- Puçás; 10- Cupuaçu; 11- Marmeladas; 11- Buritis; 12- Cajazinhos (Taperebás); 13- Jatobá; 14- Pequi; 15- Barus; 16- Cagaitas; e 17- Araticum.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Share with me what fruits are found in the region where you (friends Befilo) live that you most appreciate!
Pieter Jansegers: Apples, pears, strawberries and cherries from Belgium (Europe) are quite delicious.
Thể Thao Yes: Hi guys , i from Vietnam and i want to made friends with you ^.^
eleni papadopoulou: Jezylany, I try to have healthy food. But it is not always possible to find.
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: I understand, my friend @eleni. In some places it is a big challenge to find healthy foods. It is a privilege for me to live in a place where I can even grow my food.
Natural Remedies 4/8

Physical exercise! This releases, in the brain, substances that provide the sensation of peace and tranquility. They are endorphins, neuromediators linked to the genesis of well-being and pleasure. Because it is a potent release of endorphin, physical exercise creates good dependence when practiced regularly.

> Practical tips:

* Learn more about physical exercise and research topics related to your particular interest;
* Make a physical activity plan, but always consult a physician before starting. Take into account issues such as frequency, intensity, rhythm and type of physical activity.
* Evaluate your performance;
* Start at once, move and keep that program.

Any physical activity in which there is energy expenditure and metabolism increase, be it occupational (climbing stairs, carrying a package, shopping, washing the car, sweeping the house), or being formal (pedaling, swimming, dancing, walking, running) , is taken into account for the person's daily caloric expenditure.
Natural Remedies - 3/8

Rest! In addition to sleeping the correct number of hours daily, it is important to set aside a day of the week for a process of restoration of social and family relationships, rest of daily physical and mental activities and greater spiritual connection with God. I do this on Saturdays.

> Practical tips for better sleep:

* Getting used to regular sleep, because the body works in rhythms;
* Do regular exercise;
* Do not sleep on a full stomach. Cultivate the habit of eating a light meal in the evening or early in the evening;
* Avoid drinks or foods with caffeine, as they are stimulants and can disrupting sleepy;
* Avoid stressful situations before bed. Solve family disagreements during the day rather than at bedtime;
* Focus on spiritual issues, do a Bible reading and pray. This will also help in relaxation.
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eleni papadopoulou: This beautiful woman is my friend from Brasil!!!
Natural Remedies - 2/8

Temperance! It involves changing habits to have a balanced life for mental and physical health.

> Practical tips:
* Abandon certain types of licit or illicit drugs (including alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, cocaine, and other drugs with proven devastating effects on the mind and body).
* Avoid work overload and studies, especially after a day of intense activities.
* Do not overdo at leisure time. Leisure is very important, but there is time for professional occupation and for this type of rest.
* Even healthy practices should be done with balance, as all excesses lead to illness.
Natural Remedies - 1/8

Trust in God! It is essential for a complete health the experience of a practical religion and not just nominal faith. Trusting in God is more than knowing He exists, but having a loving relationship with Him.

> Practical tips:
* Make a habit of praying daily and understand that prayer is a sincere dialogue with God.
* Keep in the habit of studying the Bible every day and knowing what God's teachings are for your life.
* Go to church regularly, get along with others, and get involved in missionary and community activities. This does well for the full development of health.