The topics we cover in class are dependent on what students are currently doing in school so that when our students go to school they next day, they walk in confidently because they know they’re prepared.
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JK to Grade 8 Program - Step Up Academy

We provide our students with a wide range of topics and genres to read, so that they can develop their reading skills. Students will read fiction and non-fiction texts ranging from short stories and children’s books to novels, newspaper articles and graphic texts.

One main concept of our reading program is to focus on before, during and after reading strategies. As classroom teachers, we know the importance of engaging our students in the reading process all throughout the text rather than simply reading to complete questions or re-telling a story.

Step Up Academy :
Step Up Overview
Step Up to a strong foundation

Step Up Learning started with a humble dream. We are an organization that started with teachers wanting to help students outside of the classroom. As OCT teachers, we bring the knowledge and techniques we use in our classrooms to our tutoring students so they can succeed and grow.

Step Up Learning is managed by Kerthiga Manokumar (HBA, MT, OCT), an acclaimed High School English/History/Social Science/Special Ed teacher in the York Region District School Board.

Our staff consists of real Ontario Teachers who know what the curriculum and schools require and we prepare our students for their future. Our passionate teachers focus on relationship building and aim to provide immaculate customer service.

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Summer Camp 2019 - STEM Program Step Up Academy Of Learning Scarborough Toronto.

What is so special about the Step up STEM Program?

• Students develop presentation skills

• Become confident public speakers

• Pursue a passion project

• Learn to ... think like an engineer

• See the connections between Science, Technology and Mathematics.

• Develop research skills

• Daily physical activity

• Organized and led by Ontario certified teachers.

• Present and be honored by a special guest at the Step up STEM Fair

All students will take part in a STEM Fair, showcasing their accomplishments and receive an award or certificate!

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Address : 3875 McNicoll Ave Unit #201, Scarborough, ON M1X 0C1

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