Natural Remedies - 3/8

Rest! In addition to sleeping the correct number of hours daily, it is important to set aside a day of the week for a process of restoration of social and family relationships, rest of daily physical and mental activities and greater spiritual connection with God. I do this on Saturdays.

> Practical tips for better sleep:

* Getting used to regular sleep, because the body works in rhythms;
* Do regular exercise;
* Do not sleep on a full stomach. Cultivate the habit of eating a light meal in the evening or early in the evening;
* Avoid drinks or foods with caffeine, as they are stimulants and can disrupting sleepy;
* Avoid stressful situations before bed. Solve family disagreements during the day rather than at bedtime;
* Focus on spiritual issues, do a Bible reading and pray. This will also help in relaxation.
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