A Few Words About Befilo

Befilo is a social networking website allowing its users to interact with each other by creating and sharing content in multiple forms. Beside the classical social network features, Befilo has some unique features which don't exist in any other social media networks. In that sense, Befilo could well be considered as a revolution in the social media so far.

The idea to create a social network such as Befilo, emerged when we discovered the meaninglessness of the harsh barriers put between the users by the conventional social networks. While those networks would certainly have their own reasons in doing so, we thought it could well be possible to approach social networking from a totally different perspective. And so we dared to ask that hard question: What would happen when all the barriers between the users are removed? The answer to that question turned out to be Befilo! A social network where everybody is automatically friend with everybody...

The idea, or rather the intention, here is very simple and perhaps somewhat naive. We all come to this life with huge possibilites of being friends. Even if in time, and with the direction of our life, we usually narrow down our perspectives, that huge ocean of possibilities is always there, waiting to be discovered. And here at Befilo, we turned this understanding to a sort of start-up credit. The motto is: Let everybody be friend with everybody! And again let them to decide whether or not to remain as friends.

To put it in technical words, Befilo allows all its existing network members to be friends automatically. This means that as soon as new users register, they automatically become friend with all existing network members. Thanks to this unique feature of Befilo, all that hassle about friendship requests, approvals and rejections is now a history! Now, social network users don't have to spend huge amounts of time (and sometimes money) to build friends and followers anymore. They will be readily waiting for a new friend as soon as the registration is completed. In time, as Befilo grows, every user will have millions of friends and followers. One doesn't, anymore, have to be a celebrity or a globally known figure to be followed by millions. Being an ordinary Befilo social network member will be enough to reach a huge audience, similar to that of the celebrities... THIS IS A REVOLUTION IN SOCIAL MEDIA HISTORY SO FAR!

How this social media revolution will affect the current global social networking culture remains to be seen. But as Befilo evolves in time, perhaps we shall alltogether witness some significant shifts in the global social media habitat.

Befilo People
May, 2017