From what I have learned from using a "dead sea mud mask" is that some things (the dead sea contains a lot of salt) dries your skin out and really -- it's not good. It can make it even more sensitive and get irritated a LOT more!

So I guess, I've learned something! Skincare face masks that heavily dry your skin isn't good at all for sensitive skin! Even if your skin is oily! So I guess if people have sensitive skin to avoid drying products - even if it's going to be on your skin for around 10~ minutes!

Oh and I'm quite more confident on the camera now!

Hope you all on here have a great day!
Hello all, I'm back from my break. I've just finished my exams and I think I'm happy with them!
Befilo Moderator: Congrats Joshua! Nice to see you back. Hope you had good exams...
Joshua Norwood: I think I'm happy with them and thanks! It's great to be back on here!
We are living in interesting times... The newest trend in nightlife in New York is alcohol-free bars! BBC has made a very interesting news about it. There are also surveys that the young people don't drink as much as before. As a social drinker, I find this new trend positive. What do you think?

You can read more here about this new trend:
I keep failing my exams, but I WON'T give up. I hope I'll get to college though.
Befilo Moderator: Why don't you study properly Joshua? Keep away from the social media until your exam is over!
Joshua Norwood: I think I should stay away but it's so hard to stay away. I'll try though!
Befilo Moderator: Yes please do it. Your exams are more important than anything. Don't waste your time at social media. After exams you can come back and we will have nice talks. But go now
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Try it, my friend @Joshua ! Even far you are already engraved in our mind, in our heart! Study well and see you later! A hug from Brazil...
This time, last year, I got ill from being vegetarian so I decided to make a video on it. I got illness after illness due to a reduced immune system from no vitamin B12. Oh and how's everyone today? Hope everyone's okay!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: I'm great my friend and you? I have been a vegetarian for many years and know the importance of vitamin B12 supplementation. Have you ever thought about using the monthly injection of vitamin B12 (hydroxocobalamin)? Now I have returned to live with my parents in a country town and I am in excellent health! Here we can drink 'garapa' which is a broth that ferments fast and has vitamin B12, besides eat fruit directly from the tree ... I still want to post about some typical fruits from here that I like. See you...
Joshua Norwood: @jeyzylany I suddenly went into vegetarianism when it was quite controversial so I had no idea of vitamin B12 at the time (i didn't research much, except to not eat meat). I might get B12 injections if I were to become a vegetarian again (I do plan on it in the future!). And the "garapa" sounds really interesting! I'm great today too, thanks!
How's everyone on this fine Monday?
Befilo Moderator: We are well, thanks. Hope you are doing well too...
Joshua Norwood: I'm doing quite well too thanks, even if I failed my second exam -- it's all good! Thanks for asking!
Miyuki Sakae: Hey! @joshuanorwood !! don't worry too much about the exams!!! just enjoy your student days!!! after student days, it is just the boring working life!!!
Joshua Norwood: @Miyuki Sakae Thanks! I'll enjoy as much as I can before I leave school!
This picture shows the harsh in equality between the rich and poor. There is no point in further economic development as longer as there is such obvious inequality all over the world. My deepest respect and love to the struggling mothers of the poor world countries!

PS: Photo is from South Africa. You can read more about it at cnn:
I made a video so people can know more about me if you want to know something just ask =D
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Happy Saturday, my new friend! A hug from Brazil. I enjoyed watching your video because I'm learning English. We have in common that we like to travel. My question for today is which is the coolest book you read this week?
Joshua Norwood: I've uploaded a video on my channel that answers the question but I'll answer it here since it's in the middle of the video. I've not read a book this week yet (I should do soon though), but I usually read articles on the internet about ways to get longer hair as well as many cooking recipes and thanks for the nice comment and have a great Sunday today! I also hope you enjoy learning English!
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: How cool is your interest in longer hair. Here in Brazil, some friends who do not have fast-growing genetics use vitamin supplements and do external hydration treatments on hair strands once a week. Instead of supplements, I prefer more natural foods. To strengthen and help hair growth foods like meat, fish, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, sugar-free gelatin, are great! But those who do not eat animal products are excellent: peanuts, nuts, carrots, mangoes, oranges, strawberries, grapes, etc. I also find interesting culinary recipes (for example: juices, creams) using these ingredients! Sucess for you, my friend!
Joshua Norwood: I've done another video that answers some of the recent questions I got . I'm currently using an egg wash and castor oil mix once a week for my hair when I bathe to repair my hair and give it the proteins to grow faster and I also eat egg quite a lot (limited to 2 max a day to prevent any unwanted side effects). I also make sure to balance my diet to get my hair to grow longer as junk food isn't good for hair. It's mostly what you put on your head that changes hair, so I make sure I avoid any harsh chemical shampoo's or conditioners and prefer kaolin clay hair shampoo's since they help regenerate my hair! Thanks for the question and success to you too !! Here's the video (it doesn't cover the questions asked in the video fully due to time limits):
Jeyzylany Moreira de Amorim: Wow!! How cool your tips my friend!
Joshua Norwood: Thank you!!!!