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We are living in interesting times... The newest trend in nightlife in New York is alcohol-free bars! BBC has made a very interesting news about it. There are also surveys that the young people don't drink as much as before. As a social drinker, I find this new trend positive. What do you think?

You can read more here about this new trend:
Befilo Moderator: Excessiveness in everything, that is excessive alcohol consumption, is always harmful. If this trend takes us to a moderate and balanced drinking style, let it do!
Feliz dia de las madres!
Happy mother's day!
wow! there are so many interesting social networks in the world! even social network for cats and dogs! the humanity is getting crazy with social networks!!!

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Tens of thousands of Latin Americans have been marching towards Mexico-United States border for several weeks now. They want to reach US and enjoy the American Dream. While a Trump-administered US would not seem appetizing to many of us, these people desperately head for their would-be paradise. I think the question we Latin Americans should ask ourselves is, why our people leave their home countries and seek a better life somewhere else?
Antje Becker: Isabel, migration is one of the curses of our times.
Antonio Vieira Filho: Probably this is the most foolish initiative some may do in all lifetime.
Dancing on the streets is common in Argentina

#tango #argentina
eleni papadopoulou: Hello Isabel? How are u??? Haven't seen you for a long time!
Upsala Glacier Los Glaciares National Park Argentina

eleni papadopoulou: It is a shame that these glaciers are melting down fast
Botas picudas mexicanas (Mexican pointy boots)
Befilo Moderator: It must be very hard to walk with this!
Antonio Vieira Filho: Very funny and nice...
Primavera en Japón... Springtime inJapan...
Saludos a todos! Greetings toeverybody!
Befilo Moderator: Hola Isabel, que tal?
Proudly #feminist
Protesters take part in a demonstration during a nationwide feminist strike on International Women's Day in Madrid, Spain, on March 8, 2018.